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Beginning our projects can be difficult, but finishing them is the real challenge. Hence the importance of identifying the factors that directly influence their success and find the best way to develop them to finally have a quality product.

This and other ideas led me to create this blog, which aims to be a gateway to the world of editorial design and branding from my point of view as a designer and a guide for those who wish to acquire these services in the future. So if you are interested in these topics, you are more than welcome in this blog, not only to read my thoughts, but also to write yours and thus enrich each other.

Designing my life as freelance designer

Leaving fear to take the first step was how my personal brand arianna graphic design was born. After several years of experience working as a in-house graphic designer and a few more as freelancer, I realized that it was the right time to give a 180-degree-turn to my professional life and offer the services in which I have worked more, I got more dexterity and, fortunately, I love: editorial design and branding.

Both involve creative work, strategy, documentation and knowledge of our customers, their needs and final costumers, because without them you can not get to develop a complete product that get to achieve the goals for which it was created, and that attracts by its aesthetic and graphic concept the people who will interact with it.

As client is important to recognize that the key to develop an editorial product is not only choose “pretty” typefaces or images to “decorate” our texts, everything has a purpose and that is why a suitable composition or layout is vital so our publications have an order and, therefore, be pleasant to read. The same happens with brand or corporate identity design, where the key is the information provided through a brief, to know our company or products, their goals, future customers, competition, etc.

As a designer I am aware of the complexity of these processes that often involve others, depending on the project and customer needs, as creation of specialized illustrations and photographic retouching and calibration. Hence the importance of having a network of expert collaborators in these areas, which I can turn to when these situations arise and so I can be able to give my clients a comprehensive service.

Taking the first step to grow

Since each project is a unique experience, they are the perfect excuse to learn something new from their processes and people involved in them; I personally think the most rewarding projects are those where, in addition to providing a service to my clients, I can expand my knowledge, have new experiences and grow personally. Everyone chooses who will be their allies during their development, so taking the first step as a customer is to choose a designer who has the right skills to solve your needs. Taking the first step as designer is to accept those projects where you can make the best of your knowledge and skills.


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