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Analyze information about culture, market and trends, to transform it into the basis for designing brands and pieces of visual communication.


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Understand that each project is unique, know its objectives and target market, to create suitable graphic concepts for each of them.


My career has been framed in brand and editorial design, which has strengthened my skills in corporate design, product identity, layout and graphic conceptualization for print and digital media.

I was born and raised in Santiago de Cali, the third most populated city of Colombia, where, after 5 years of studies, I graduated as a Graphic Designer of Universidad del Valle (April 2010). During that period, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects related with editorial design. This awoke my interest for that field, as well as giving me the necessary knowledge and expertise to continue specializing in it.

Next getting my title, I drove my path towards the capital, Bogota D.C., where I worked as an Editorial Designer in a small agency that develops advertising and editorial pieces for doctors and pharmaceutical laboratories. There, I could strength my skills in layout, corporate and product identity, graphic conceptualization and creating camera ready files.

After working for a year and a half, my interest for the world and languages made me travel outside my country, to Brighton exactly, a small city located in the south-east coast of England, just one hour from London. I lived there for six months, sufficient time to reach an advanced English level (C1). After a long winter in English lands, I came back to my home city and continue working as a full-time-in-house graphic designer, and in parallel as a freelancer in some editorial projects.

Two and a half years later, I decided to become an independent worker, that was how I created my personal brand arianna graphic design, to offer services of brand and editorial design. Additionally, in 2016 I participated in the creation of GPU Design, a visual communication studio specialized in architectural visualizations and corporate design. Since then, I am a permanent team member as a Chief Brand Officer, Creative Director and Graphic Designer. This gave me the opportunity to participate in different projects, designing brands and developing the corporate identity for real state and other established and emerging companies, located mainly in Germany and Switzerland.

If you are interested in my professional profile, send me a message.


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